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This is a side account for anything I feel like using it for, from layout testing to selling stuff.

Current: Selling Anime Merchandise, Selling J-pop magazines

If you're interested in buying anything in the entries, please go HERE.

QUESTIONS?: If you have any questions on condition, size/dimensions, want other (low quality) samples, the contents of the books or magazines (specific articles on titles, character spotlights, extras, etc), or anything please ask.

SHIPPING: I have over ten years experience buying from eBay (lizalou42 if you want to see my feedback), so I know how I like to have things shipped to me. I have a TON of packing material, so be assured your item(s) will be safe, be it with cardboard, bubble-wrap, tissue, or whatever it takes! For shipping price estimates, please contact me with the items you're interested in, so I can do a weight estimate.

**Shipping will not happen until I receive assured payment.**

PAYMENT: Everything in USD. I prefer PayPal. If you have another idea, run it by me. Shipping will not happen until money is received and checks clear.