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fantasia pegasus


Please post a comment here with items you're interested in. Provide the following information: email (or we can correspond with LJ private message), items you're interested in, and the U.S. zip code or country to ship to.

Comments are screened for your privacy. I'll contact you to work out the details. ^_^

Here's a quick form, if you'd like to use it:
Email/LJ PM:
Items w/ offers:
Shipping location:

QUESTIONS?: If you have any questions on condition, size/dimensions, want other (low quality) samples, the contents of the books or magazines (specific articles on titles, character spotlights, extras, etc), or anything please ask.

SHIPPING: From the U.S. I have over eleven years experience buying from eBay (lizalou42 if you want to see my feedback), so I know how I like to have things shipped to me. I have a TON of packing material, so be assured your item(s) will be safe, be it with cardboard, bubble-wrap, or whatever it takes! Shipping is not included in offered prices. For shipping price estimates, please contact me with the items you're interested in and your location, so I can do a weight estimate. This is my first time selling, so please be kind. ^_^

PAYMENT: Everything in USD. I prefer personal transfers via PayPal. I'm not charging enough to afford PayPal fees, and neither do I want to charge anyone. I will consider cash and personal checks.
**Shipping will not happen until I receive assured payment (checks clear, etc).**



Hi i was wondering how much would it be for both hellsing ost including shipping to the uk :-)

I searched eBay and Amazon for prices of the CDs, and the lowest cost I found was $7.99 each. I'd be willing to sell them for $5.00 each.

Cost of shipping to the U.K, by estimate using the PO website, looks like it will be $22.50 USD with First Class International, that's the cheapest I could find.

So the grand total would be: $32.50.

That's fine would it be OK if I send the money to you Wednesday :-S

Sure, not a problem. :) Paying with PayPal?

Yeah if you send me you paypal address I will send the money Wednesday and let you know as soon as I've done it :-)

Money been sent please let me know when you have received it :-)

Payment received! I should get the package mailed today, barring obstacles. Thank you!
Box shipped this morning. Should arrive early/mid next week. Please let me know when you've received it! And there are some extra things I fit into the box as freebies. Sorry I didn't have any other Hellsing merchadise. :)

Hi the cds have arrived today thankyou so much and thankyou for the gifts as well :-)

Excellent! Thanks for letting me know. Enjoy!

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